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Extend built-in "Help" functionality

I have a custom page with typical help content. This file explains how to sign up and contact the admin to authorize the account.

Instead of implementing it as a static page that would only be visible after login, I would like to extend the built-in help (~/help) as this is already visible.
[... menu at the right hand top of the screen]

I recall seeing some guidelines a super long time ago, but have not been able to find it....

Could someone please advise?
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  • So I did some more digging and came across a user guide published in 2011 that describes this in detail.

    It allows me to add help to each page inside my app.

    Now, I only need a help page that is visible on the home page before the user has logged on. I don't want to waste real-estate having it permanently on my landing page.

    Is there perhaps a way to make this single page visible to all? Perhaps like the * in the roles field of a generated page?
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