Expand Import function to perform UPSERT on table bound to primary grid

We are striving to have more self service by the user. The Multi Edit works great. However.. when the user wants to Import/Insert data into the table bound to the grid, the only option is to INSERT new primary key rows, but when the key already exists, the data is ignored. The insert of foreign key rows is great, but I really need to UPDATE the values of the columns for the rows where the primary key already exists. I think it wouldn't be to hard to allow the cols that are mapped to UPDATE for the primary key records. This could be automatic, or possibly a checkbox to turn this behavior on or off for each col. I think this is an enhancement that many users would love. Thanks Paul.
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  • The following tutorial shows how to implement a conditional UPSERT with the help of SQL action - http://codeontime.com/learn/data-cont....

    You can implement an SQL Business Rule instead using a similar technique. Your rule will detect duplicate submission, will perform update insert. Read about SQL Business Rules at http://codeontime.com/learn/sql-busin....

    The rule can assign a value to @BusinessRules_PreventDefault to prevent the execution of default Insert.

    set @BusinessRules_PreventDefault = 1

    We will consider offering a tutorial for that.
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