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I’m worried

editForm is empty if I select other or same element?

So, here's my problem:

I have a controller called "Document" that's added as a DataView to some other controllers. The DataView will only be shown in editForm1. So far everything works fine, the DataView shows the current documents as intended and clicking on the "Testing"-document opens the editForm1 of the document.

The listed documents

Clicking on the only element opens "Testing" on editForm1 with a correct value in the fields

So far everything is good and just like I wanted!

HOWEVER, if I now back out of the editForm1 for the document and click on it again, the editForm1 gets shown again but this time without any values?

I also tried adding a business rule and putting a breakpoint to it in Visual Studio. On the first Select, it hits the breakpoint but once I return back to the grid and click on another (or the same) document the breakpoint doesn't get hit anymore.

Is there a work-around that I could do to make sure that I always get the data to the editForm1 from the item I selected?

Any help is appreciated! <3

Kind regards!
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