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Downgrade Custom Membership to Standard level ... possible ?

Firstly I'm going to say that what I'm going to say is something (once you have peeled the idea) good for CodeOnTime business. It will be really an excellent opportunity for all people trying to learn how to use the tool at least have the opportunity to see how it really works in trial period.

My wild idea is this one:

Could it be possible having CodeOnTime downgrading Custom Membership and Role Providers feature to the Standard licensing level?

It is just an idea; nothing more than that.

But if you think about it cleverly you might see that such feature is actually been placed in a higher status licensing level than it should be.

Just think about it. Is a mere suggestion. No harm intended no hidden agenda no idea of creating chaos or anything abnormal at all.

Simple and plain: is just an idea for you to consider or for you to dismiss.

It might be interesting that this feature should be even be available for testing in the express free edition
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