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I would simply like to display a message box once the user has saved a record. I can show an alert such as Result.ShowAlert("Thank you") from the business rules class but that is not very neat.
Is it possible to show it as you would in a .aspx.vb form - MsgBox("Thank you") and how would one do that?
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  • If you don't wan't to display a standard browser alert window then there is an alternative. Use ShowMessage instead. That will show a yellow bar at the top of the page that will stay put even if a user is scrolling the page up and down. The alert will go away if a user executes any action or moves to another page.

    Result.ShowMessage("Thank You");

    There is no exact equivalent of Windows Message Box in ASP.NET since the application is running on the server and the output is presented in the browser. The only "neat" solution is to display a browser alert window (ShowAlert) or incorporate a JavaScript in the page and manipulate the page content for that purpose.
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