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Display of chosen many to many items

Is it possible to shwo the items chosen in many to many scenario as a tablerather than a baskey look up like the sample todo app videos. I have a use case where the user needs to be able to search and choose or create if necessary items that are to be assigned to a shipment. So the many to many scenario is ideal in that it lets you choose from a list and create if necessary. But when you return to the main item it adds them as a list with minimal information whereas I'd like to add them to a table showing much more information.

Anybody any ideas on how to achieve that? It's not strictly a many to many relationship (I'm assigning bags of product to a shipment so once they've shipped they can't be assigned to any other shipment) but the one to many work flow in COT doesn't allow to search and choose, only create,from what I have seen.
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