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Different createForm1 for dataview vs grid1

i have a master-child relationship. Customers is the master, CustomerVisits is the child. Within the Customers editForm1 I have a dataview that allows me to create CustomerVisits records. Simple enough.

I also have an "All Customer Visits" page with the standard grid1, editForm1, createForm1. Works as expected.

My problem is when I create a visit record from the All Customer Visits page, I need to show a lookup contol to allow selection of the customer. In the dataview, I don't want to show that control because the parentID is being passed to the child record already- the control is not needed and is confusing.

I haven't figured out the answer. I can't find a "visible when" I can use, thought about creating a second createForm1 but not sure how to control which view is selected. Also thought about cloning the controller (pretty sure that will work). Still, hate to plunge down that path if I'm missing something simpler.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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