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DACL how to pass field value

I am trying to create access control rules but do not know how to pass a value from the actual table. I am configuring an access control rule that will fire only when the controller is accessed as a lookup from a specific view. I have a tag in place so I can identify when the controller is accessed from this specific view. So below I have the rule working correctly based on UserId. I need to change this to where I can pass AgentID from the current record that is doing the lookup into this access control rule. Can you please provide the correct syntax?

protected override void EnumerateDynamicAccessControlRules(string controllerName)
if (IsTagged("MyBilling"))
RegisterAccessControlRule("WorkOrderProspectID", @"
SELECT dbo.vAuthorizedProspects.ProspectID
FROM dbo.vAuthorizedProspects
where dbo.vAuthorizedProspects.AgentID = @AgentID
AccessPermission.Allow, new SqlParam("@AgentID", UserId));
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