Custom Edit Form

I'm trying to add a lookup to an edit form that isn't related by a foreign key (Requirement is to log some information to a history table.) Looking at the support documentation I've tried the following.
1. Cloned the controller to which I want to add the addition lookup.
2. Copied the controller for the additional lookup field I want to the cloned controller (fields list for the cloned controller now shows a dataview for the lookup I copied over).
3. Dragged the lookup dataview to editForm1.
4. Created a new page, new container, new view, setting the "Controller" property to the cloned controller. editform1 on the page tab lists the lookup I want as a dataview.

When hitting the page, Grid1 shows the data from the cloned controller as expected but when I try to edit a row, the lookup for the controller I've copied to editform1 doesn't render in the edit form.
Will this not work or did I miss something?
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