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Custom Controller or Form

I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this requirement.
Building an application that tracks engine parts by serial number. An individual part with a serial number (serialized part) may be installed in some other serialized part. Each serialized part record has a Next Higher Serial Number (NHSN) field, when this NHSN field is null the serialized part is treated as uninstalled and when <> null it is treated as installed. Manipulating what value of the NHSN can be done with the standard editForm1 provided by default. However, I also need to incorporate several other lookups/data that are not part of the serialized parts table (and have no FK relationship) that allow them to choose the reason the part is being removed, how the problem was found etc. All that information will ultimately be lodged to a separate "history" table.
In other places in the app, I've needed to implement 3 level Master Detail, but using the same techniques of adding containers and data views and linking the data views doesn't work in this situation. Can't seem to find a learning resource that directly addresses this situation, any suggestions are appreciated.
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