COT Usability Suggestions

When there are system generated actions that could be updated or replicated by the user, show them in the Wizard or UI so the user knows how they work.

I.e. if COT creates a number of denormalizations itself, it would be nice if those were displayed in the denormalization tab in the wizard so adding new ones (or removing existing ones) would be easier.


If there are changes that require some user action, let the user know they have to do that for them to take effect. So if we make a change in the Designer and to make it work we need to do a sync, say so. If there's a change in the Wizard that requires a refresh, say that too. (in the UI, not in a BLOG post)


If there is a manual action that is the recommended method to make a major change like change the project type, or override a refresh, if you can write it up it could be scripted in the IU. That way the various "are you SURE you want to cock that weapon that's pointed at your toe" messages could be displayed, and some of the questions posted could be avoided.
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