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Conditional Show/Hide Field base on Current User, or Weather User is Part of Security Role

I have a feeling this may have been asked before please forgive me if so and just point me at the solution if so.

What I am trying to do is the following

UserId: 34 should be able to see the field PTO for only their own Requests, I also want PTO to be visible by Users who are in Specific Security Roles as well.

UserId: 33 is logged in to the system and they can navigate to the Requests and the can click on the Request from 34 but is not able to see the field for PTO and it's status

UserId: 33 can click on their own Request and see PTO and the Status of PTO.

UserId: 65 is in the Security Role of 'Manager' and he is able to navigate to the requests and see' UserId 33' Request as well be able to see the PTO field and the status.

I hope this explanation is clear.

I would like to do it with JavaScript if at all possible but If we have to play in the C# then we have to play in C#
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