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Code On Time the Perfect RAD Environment

I have been using COT for a number of years now after searching the Internet for a RAD platform that would allow me to create user interface based websites with a SQL backend for businesses.

In COT, I found exactly what I was looking for and have now developed several “Classic” and “Touch” interface based commercial applications, ranging from Pre School Registration, School Registers, Invoicing & Statements to a Product Certification Retrieval for Customers.

The core product itself has progressed in leaps & bounds since I started using it and has developed into a serious business development platform for RAD.

Like any developer there have been times where I required expert advice, and took advantage of the 5 Incident Support Package and had one-to-one sessions with COT technicians. These sessions have proved invaluable and are a good return on investment.

I look forward following their Roadmap for 2019/20 and what is yet to come.