CMS DACL - Enhancement Suggestions

I have a couple of suggestions for CMS DACL rules (and related code + rules screenshhots):

1. Build in an "Allow Nulls" rule such that if you have an ID field you're trying to filter by but sometimes it has NULL then those rows to be shown too if you add this rule. I have implemented a solution and it seems to work. See code screenshot and related rule below and also see related topic here:

2. Allow for the use of system "@BusinessRules..." variables in DACL rules created. In my case, I needed to get all roles associated with the current user to filter with. Therefore, I modified the BusinessRules.cs class to at least handle the "@BusinessRules_UserId" variable for DACL but I'm sure you all can further generalize the code to handle all the built-in variables! ;^)

Biz Rules Class Code Mods Allow Nulls Rule Example Use Current User ID to Get Roles
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