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Close Button causing redirect

Hi we have implemented a cXML Punchout service from our COT Application, classic desktop UI, verson 8.9.3

It all works fine, we can punch out from the COT page redirect to the supplier web site pick our products checkout and they are seamlessly transferred back to our COT application (Using the REST API). The final action is to redirect back to the COT application and show the records inside the COT application.

To do that we are sending the browser to a URL like below

Which displays the page with a PO Header=31143 and our new punchout items are displayed as a records on a child grid, just like we want :)

The only funny thing is if you use the Close button on the master record (PO Header) you get sent back to the suppliers website , instead of the GetPage request and a display of the Master PO grid that we would like. Is that possible do we need maybe a Custom Button to rebuild the page or something we can add to the URL redirect like LastCommand ?

Any suggestions appreciated

Many Thanks

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