BUG! 8.9.1/Unlimited/c#/.Net 4.5 $app.execute throws js exception in Classic mode. How to replicate error.

Dear CoT:

This is still an issue, a huge show stopper for me, I wish I could be more helpful...

These are the steps to replicate the bug.

In 8.9.1/Unlimited/c#:

1.- Create a test northwind applicartion in classic mode with single page apps
2.- Add Customers to the model
3.- Go to the application designer/Pages/Home and edit, set template to Jumbotron
4.- Generate and run the application
5.- The jumbotron template must appear as the home page
6.- Edit /pages/Home.html
7.- Add the following script inside the body element

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
"controller": "Customers",
"pageSize": 20,
"filter": [
{ "field": "City", "operator": "=", "value": "London" }
"done": function (response) {
if (response && response.Customers.length > 0)
alert('Customers in London found');
alert('London not found');

8.- Save and reload home page
9.- Enable Developer Tools in browser.
10.- Refresh page
11.- Go to Developers Tools, select Console tab
12.- There will be an error message: SCRIPT5007: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'invoke' of undefined or null reference

This works as expected in touch UI.

Hope this helps,

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