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Barcode Scanner at Point Of Sale (POS)

I am using barcode scanner for scanning serial number of products sold at a POS (Point Of Sale) in a small supermarket. When the barcode has been scanned then related data is displayed on screen as it is normal for this kind of business.

I need top know how to do the following :

1) Scanner reads and does its display (item name, price, discount, tax)
2) Calculations are made (total amount)
3) Promptly is ready for scanning next product and so on

What I want to do is :

Move cursor to "next new empty record" waiting for new barcode scan

That way, I want to eliminate cashier's pressing keystrokes which will slow down the process but instead: the scanner sends the code to do the trick

How can this be accomplished?

Some of this was mentioned here like 5 years ago :
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