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I’m frustrated

Arguments.SelectedValue always empty

I have created a C# Custom Business rule in C# Phase Execute.
When I select (check) one or more rows in my multiselect grid view then i execute my bussinessRule the Arguments.SelectedValue in code is always empty.
I use a TouchUI, project type= App Factory (advanced), COT version 8.7.10

In the daf.js I've found that the function return always an empty selection :
get_selectedValues: function () {
var dataView = this.get_parentDataView(this); // this;
//if (!isNullOrEmpty(this._parentDataViewId))
// dataView = $find(this._parentDataViewId);
var selection = dataView ? dataView.get_selectedValue() : [],
selectionLength, nullIndex;
selection = selection.length == 0 ? [] : (!dataView.multiSelect() ? [selection] : selection.split(';'));
nullIndex = Array.indexOf(selection, 'null');
if (nullIndex != -1)
selection.splice(nullIndex, 1);
return selection;
In debug mode I'seen dataView._selectedKeyList contains selection ids but this variable is not used to fill SelectedValues.

I've missed something in my project configuration ?

Thanks for help !
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