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Advanced membership and role provider - cannot add new users - what have I missed

I have followed the online help for adding SQL Server advanced membership and role provider by selecting "Enable Custom Membership and Role Providers"

This has created the two user accounts (admin and user). If I now try to add a new user I get a warning that the user cant be added because LastActivityDate cannot be NULL. There are many more fields in advanced membership like this that are required. When the two default accounts were created COT inserted default values for all of the required fields in advanced membership. In addition to this I also want to add some additional fields of my own e.g. FirstName and LastName and make those required.

What have I missed in order to add additional users so that the mandatory fields for advanced membership as well as any of my own fields are managed correctly.
Any assistance would be appreciated. Unlimited Edition, latest version, TouchUI, SPA, VB.
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