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Add/Edit multiple items from a grid like UI

Part of my requirement uses tables that similar to the Customer-Order-OrderDetail and Products of the Northwind database. Mine are Inspection-Part Number- Serial Number. Adapted the guidance on Three-Level-Master detail which suits part of my requirement for displaying the records. However, instead of adding one "Product" (Serial Number in my case) at a time to an order as documented, I need to potentially add dozens of "Serial Numbers" at a time to add to a single "Part Number". Presenting a user with a UI (when creating or editing) that displays all available serial numbers (and for the purpose of editing those products that were selected previously) would make entry much easier for them. I'm trying to recreate some thing similar to this old IronSpeed UI from an earlier version of the application. Batch edit is too complicated. All the user really needs is a checkbox for each row to indicate they want the serial number added to the part number list. Any suggestions on the best way forward?
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