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8.5.9 errors and issues

I upgraded my web site from 8.5.7 to 8.5.9 and have noticed numerous errors. Please let me know what I need to do to fix the following;

1) Some pages produce the following error every time and I am completely unable to use page. You can see the page doesn't even load properly and I have seen this on different pages with different controllers. I don't know what the common issue is.

2) One page I have noticed gives me the following error. So far I have only seen this on one page and doesn't appear to prevent using the page and controller. The rest of the message reads "call method 'destroy'".

3) Cascading lookups now broken. I have cascading lookups in multiple places of my application, mostly for State and County. First you select a State and then choose a County, which is limited based on the State chosen. I noticed since upgrading the County field (which filters based on the State field) will only filter 1 time. If I choose California as the state I will be able to see all Counties as expected. However, if I change the State to Texas I still see Counties for California. The cascading filter does not update.

4) Several tables show "n/a" incorrectly. Screenshot attached and you can see some fields show this correctly and some fields don't. I have seen this in multiple controllers.

5) Calendar picker does not go away after picking a date. When I click a field for a date the small calendar date picker appears and after clicking a date you would expect the calendar to disappear since it is no longer needed. I have to click in another field or elsewhere to make this go away.
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